HYGGENDAHL Anti-Slip–Strips the smart and attractive solution for safety and comfort in the bathroom

Our Anti-Slip Stripes unobtrusively and discreetly adapt to your home design, adhere extremely well and reliably prevent slippage on the bathroom’s typical wet and smooth surfaces. They are therefore the ideal alternative to heavy and cumbersome bath mats, which after a short time put on dirt, are difficult to clean and rarely look really good.

HYGGENDAHL Soft Relax Bathtub Pillows – the premium neck pillow for whirlpool, jacuzzi & Co.!

You are looking forward to a soothing bubble bath after a hard day … and all that is left between you and a relaxing break is the hard and cold edge of the bathtub?

Experience pleasant baths without strained neck! The soft padded Soft Relax bath cushions support your head and relieve the neck and back for real relaxation.

Who is Hyggendahl?

Hyggendahl started in 2016 with the vision to make your home as comfortable as possible with practical and clever interior design. Inspired by the elegant minimalist style of the Scandinavian school, we live our passion for user-oriented design and timeless design.

Our goal is to make high quality products affordable for every home! Quality and customer service are extremely important to us – we look forward to assisting you with any questions and suggestions at support@hyggendahl.com!